Olde Trading Post

Welcome to the Olde Trading Post, located in scenic Riverside, Wyoming. We are a proud member of the community, providing gas, grocery, recreation licenses, clean restrooms, and an ATM.
Come visit us at 210 State Highway 70, Riverside, WY 82325
Conveniently located at the intersection of Highway 70 and Highway 230

Our Services

Gas, Diesel, & Propane
We offer high quality Sinclair gasoline and diesel at competitive prices. Gasoline is available in 85 octane non-ethanol unleaded & 91 octane premium. We also fill propane tanks, from BBQ sized to your RV.
We have a variety of groceries from meal basics to camping essentials. Stop in to see our selection.
We offer frozen pizzas, as well as the option to have it prepared and ready for pickup. Just call ahead, and we'll get one ready for you.
Animal Feed
We offer a variety of animal feed, whether for your ranch, your pets, or the birds in your yard. We have an entire shed dedicated to feed, and keep it stocked.
Sporting Goods
We offer a wide variety of sporting goods and clothing including boots, T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and hats. We also have an assortment of camping gear.
If you're in need of automotive fluids, we have you covered. We carry oil, coolant, windshield wash, fuel cleaners, diesel additives, and DEF fluid.
Fishing & Hunting
We sell fishing and hunting licenses. We also have a wide selection of tackle, live bait, and hunting accessories including ammo.
ATV & Snowmobile
We sell ORV and snowmobile permits.
We have an ATM in the store.

A Look Inside

At the Olde Trading Post, we offer a variety of goods that make your trip easier, whether across town or across country. Come by and see our selection.
Snacks for the Road
Pick up some snacks for the road
We have an ATM in the store
Hot drinks and food available in the deli
Feed Shed
Our well stocked feed shed
Boots, T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and hats available year-round
Sporting Goods
Tackle, live bait, camping gear, and hunting accessories
A wide selection of oil, coolant, windshield wash, fuel cleaners, diesel additives, and DEF fluid
Frozen meals, ice-cream, pizzas, canned goods, and baking goods are among the items we carry
Disposable dishes and utensils, condiments, breakfast foods, and milk are also available